Call for Papers

Welcome to the Eclipse Converge 2017 call for papers!

Submissions have now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted. The program will be announced soon.

What is Eclipse Converge?

Eclipse Converge is March 20, 2017, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is one-day summit for the Eclipse community, focused on Eclipse technology. It also serves as a lead-in to Devoxx US, which begins the next day in the same location.

Aligning Eclipse Converge with Devoxx US ensures that Eclipse technologies – and the leaders of the Eclipse community – are showcased at one of the major developer conferences of 2017. Eclipse content will be included in the Devoxx US program, and key members of the community are serving on the Devoxx US program committee.

Eclipse Converge is about sharing best practices, insights, case studies, and innovations in the Eclipse community and in the wider world of software development. We want attendees to be educated and inspired after each talk. We love talks about new ways of using Eclipse technology, new ways to be a better software developer, or an introduction to a new open source project. Less inspiring are talks about a new Eclipse project release that most attendees can read in a new-and-noteworthy document.

To contact the program committee, send us email.

Important Dates

Submissions open: November 10, 2016
Submissions close: December 12, 2016

Talk Categories

When submitting, you will choose one of these. If you aren't sure what track is the best fit, just take a best guess and the program committee may change it later.

  • Eclipse Platforms & Runtimes. Eclipse is an IDE and also a host for a lot of great open-source runtime technologies such as Equinox, RAP, RCP, and the Eclipse 4 Application Platform. New technologies from the vibrant Eclipse ecosystem as well as state-of-the-union talks go here.
  • Languages & Tools. There are countless plugins and tools based on Eclipse to support developers in their daily work. Tell us about the best ones built on Eclipse, how you have built them, and/or what technologies they adopt.
  • Web & Cloud. If you are implementing Web / JEE applications or want to share your experience with modern web frameworks such as AngularJS, Vaadin, or JSON Forms, your talk goes here. This is also the track for talks about cloud development and operation tools at Eclipse such as Orion, Che, Flux, Dirigible, or other ways to move tooling to the cloud, such as browser-based UIs for developer tools and next-generation IDEs.
  • Other Cool Stuff. Not everything will fit easily into one of these tracks. If your talk is one that's hard to categorize, submit it here!

Talk Types

  • Standard (35 minutes)
  • Tutorial (3 hours)

Please Note

You must have an account and be logged in before you can submit a talk. Co-speakers on a talk must also have a valid account. If you have created a new account but are not able to log in, please confirm that you have activated the account by logging in once to the conference website. See this section of the Submissions FAQs for more information.

Not all speakers receive discounts. The first speaker on a standard talk and the first and second speakers on a tutorial receive a free pass.

We strongly encourage the actual speakers to submit their own proposals. We want speakers who are engaged with the community and really want to speak at the conference. Sometimes a third party will submit on a speaker’s behalf. The program committee will review all proposals, but proposals submitted by third parties will be given lower priority.

How to Submit

The Submission FAQs and Speaker FAQs include lots of information. If you are new to submitting for an Eclipse Foundation conference, we strongly encourage you to read them.

On the submission form

  1. Enter your Session Title
  2. Choose the type
  3. In the Speaker field, type each speaker's email address, separate by a comma; if a person has a valid account, the system will perform an auto-complete and locate it
  4. Enter the Tags of your choice
  5. Choose the Track (see the list above)
  6. Choose the Experience Level
  7. Enter the Description, and make it as interesting, specific, and complete as possible!
  8. If you have slides, upload them in the Slides section of the form
  9. Click Save

Have a question or need help?

To contact us, send email.

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