Converge Schedule Is Ready

Talks, tutorials, and gatherings have all been scheduled. Plan what you'll see, learn, and share at Eclipse Converge this year!

Register this week and save $120. Use the code CONVERGE120 on an Eclipse Converge or Eclipse Converge + Devoxx US pass. Office expires on January 6.

Eclipse IoT Day in San Jose

Great news for IoT enthusiasts! There will be an Eclipse IoT Day co-located with Eclipse Converge on March 20, 2017.

The focus of the event is open source and open standards for building IoT solutions. Attendees will learn about the software needed to build devices, gateways, and IoT cloud platforms.

The agenda is packed with great speakers from companies including Bosch SI, Deutsche Telekom, Eurotech, Intel, IOTRACKS, MicroEJ, Red Hat, and Samsung. They will be covering a wide range of IoT topics, from Industry 4.0 and fog computing for devices at the edge, to smart homes and more!

For details, visit the IoT Day website.

The Program Is Ready

The first Eclipse Converge has a great program of talks and tutorials; see the full list here. Thanks to everyone who submitted, and congratulations to the speakers.

Register early and save $120. Use the code CONVERGE120 on an Eclipse Converge or Eclipse Converge + Devoxx US pass. Don't delay; this offer expires on January 6.

Stay Tuned for the Program

Thanks to everyone who submitted a talk. The program committee is reviewing now, and the accepted talks will be announced soon.

EclipseCon NA → Eclipse Converge: Less is More

by Brian de Alwis, program committee

There are some big changes coming to EclipseCon in North America (aka ECNA): ECNA has been renamed, shrunk to 1 day, and co-located with the inaugural Devoxx US.

I have to admit that, as a program committee member from ECNA2016, I was initially quite shocked, but I’ve since really warmed to the idea. DevoxxUS is a big draw, and since most developers get to attend one conference a year, co-locating is a big win. Although we have fewer slots for Eclipse-specific talks, partnering provides a chance to introduce Eclipse technologies to new audiences. And development doesn’t happen in isolation: we all benefit from exposure to other practices and technologies. There’s a good overlap of interests.

If you’re doing unique work with Eclipse technologies, you should submit a proposal for Eclipse Converge. I’m putting in two talk proposals. One is on some ongoing work with the Eclipse 4 Dependency Injection framework. The other is about a search tool I wrote to prevent disorientation during software exploration. I can’t wait to see what others are doing!

Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US in San Jose

by Maximilian Koegel and Jonas Helming

EclipseCon North America has become Eclipse Converge 2017 and is now combined with Devoxx US. Let us briefly discuss why this is great for attendees and (last but not least!) speakers.

So why go as an attendee?

Devoxx is a very renowned and successful series of conferences – mainly in Europe – with literally over 10,000 developers visiting yearly. Finally, Devoxx is coming to the US. You can expect Devoxx to bring a great program for developers to a beautiful location in the US. In contrast to EclipseCon, you can expect a broader range of content that is not focused on Eclipse only. Now the best part: Since Eclipse Converge is now combined with Devoxx, you can on the first day visit Eclipse Converge and get all the interesting Eclipse content, and then afterwards visit Devoxx at the same location. You can register here.

So why submit a talk and go as a speaker?

If your talk submitted to Eclipse Converge gets accepted and you get a speaker discount, the code is also valid for Devoxx US. So if you are eligible for a 100% discount you can redeem it for a ticket for Eclipse Converge AND for Devoxx US!

The Converge Call for Papers closes on December 12, so don't wait! Submit your proposal now. The program committee are expecting awesome proposals!

Why 2017 Is a Special Year for the Eclipse Community

By Noopur Gupta, program committee

2017 hosts the first ever Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US on March 20-23 in San Jose. The two events are being brought together and organized by the Eclipse Foundation to form a completely new experience.

Everyone has something to share!

As part of the program committee for Eclipse Converge, we are committed to finding great speakers giving brilliant talks. We’d love Eclipse Converge to be the conference where you choose to share your experience with the Eclipse community.

The Call for Papers closes on December 12. Click here to send us your submission.

What’s next?

Passes for Converge speakers will also give them access to Devoxx US. Get all the details on the Registration page.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting new conference!

A Conference for Eclipse Heads

By Gorkem Ercan, program committee

Ever since the first EclipseCon in 2004, held at Disneyland, Eclipse has had a conference in the US. I missed all the Disney music in 2004, so my first EclipseCon was in 2005. Since then, I have presented at various EclipseCons. Throughout the years, I saw the varying interests of EclipseCon audiences. It is always a challenge to form an EclipseCon program that is equally interesting to both developers of Eclipse technology and users Eclipse users.

This year the job has become a bit easier. To serve various interests, EclipseCon is teaming up with Devoxx US and becoming Eclipse Converge.

As part of the program committee for Eclipse Converge, my goal is to shape a program in the spirit of the early EclipseCons with the talks concentrated around building and innovating Eclipse projects. If you have talks that are deep into Eclipse technology, please submit them. I know I will be voting for them. And who knows; maybe we can bring the Disney music back to EclipseCon next year!

CFP Closes in One Week! Hurry!

Only one week left to submit your talk proposal.

The Eclipse Converge CFP closes on December 12, 2016. Don't miss your chance to participate in this exciting new conference! This is the new meeting place for the Eclipse community in North America!

If you're not sure which track to apply to, submit your talk under "Other Cool Stuff." We want to hear from you! Click here to submit your proposal.

...And don't forget to register today! There could be worse things than California in March.

We look forward to seeing you in San Jose. Stay tuned for the program announcement!

The Eclipse Converge Team

Registration is Open!

Registration is open for Eclipse Converge. Converge attendees receive a discount when adding Devoxx to their Eclipse Converge registration. Get all the details on the Registration page.

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