Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US in San Jose

by Maximilian Koegel and Jonas Helming

EclipseCon North America has become Eclipse Converge 2017 and is now combined with Devoxx US. Let us briefly discuss why this is great for attendees and (last but not least!) speakers.

So why go as an attendee?

Devoxx is a very renowned and successful series of conferences – mainly in Europe – with literally over 10,000 developers visiting yearly. Finally, Devoxx is coming to the US. You can expect Devoxx to bring a great program for developers to a beautiful location in the US. In contrast to EclipseCon, you can expect a broader range of content that is not focused on Eclipse only. Now the best part: Since Eclipse Converge is now combined with Devoxx, you can on the first day visit Eclipse Converge and get all the interesting Eclipse content, and then afterwards visit Devoxx at the same location. You can register here.

So why submit a talk and go as a speaker?

If your talk submitted to Eclipse Converge gets accepted and you get a speaker discount, the code is also valid for Devoxx US. So if you are eligible for a 100% discount you can redeem it for a ticket for Eclipse Converge AND for Devoxx US!

The Converge Call for Papers closes on December 12, so don't wait! Submit your proposal now. The program committee are expecting awesome proposals!

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