Language Servers at Eclipse Converge

by Gorkem Ercan

The Language Server Protocol (LSP) is a relatively new technology that is already having an impact on how language tooling is built. It has been gaining traction in language tooling communities and naturally, the Eclipse community is at the center of it.

JDT LSWhether you want to learn the basics of language servers or hear about the experiences of the community members, the Eclipse Converge program has you covered. You can start your day by learning the basics of the LSP by attending the "Language Server Protocol Explained" session. Next, I will be talking about our experiences on the JDT LS project in the talk, "Building the JDT Language Server and how can you build one from your own feature".

Your day of Language Servers will continue in the afternoon with "Roll your own Development Environment with Eclipse Orion" talk which will touch the subject of using Language servers with Orion. Martin Lippert will give "A sneak peek into the Spring Boot language server" as the last talk on the subject.

In addition to the talks, you will also have a chance to meet, exchange ideas and share experiences with Eclipse community members that are working with language servers. Don’t miss out and register soon.

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