Learn about Working with Eclipse Che and Docker, the Language Server Protocol, Spring Boot, and more!

by Stévan Le Meur

Eclipse Converge takes place in one month so its time to check the program and plan your sessions! If you are interested in learning more about Cloud technologies such as Eclipse Che and Docker, and the Language Server Protocol I would recommend the following talks:

  • The Language Server Protocol (LSP) is a very interesting topic and has gotten a lot of attention since it was introduced. You can get an introduction to the LSP with Language Server Protocol Explained talk by Sven Efftinge and then dive deeper into the details of implementing a language server with the presentation from Gorkem Ercan about building the JDT language server. Another talk given by Martin Lippert will give a sneak peek into the Spring Boot language server.Speakers
  • Two talks will focus on Eclipse Che. The first will highlight one of the best values of Che with its capacity to make workspaces easily shareable and portable. Florent Benoit and myself will explain how to provide portable developer workspaces with Eclipse Che. The second talk is a very interesting experience report on extending Eclipse Che. Jonas Helming has led an effort to bring EMF in Eclipse Che. His session will introduce the extensibility mechanisms of Eclipse Che and will give good advice based on his experience. It’s also a good opportunity to learn more about EMF in Eclipse Che.
  • The use of Docker is constantly increasing in developer environments. If you want to learn how to efficiently use Docker within Eclipse, attend the talk from Roland Grunberg on Docker Tooling.
  • Eclipse Orion is getting new features and it’ll be interesting to learn more about the integration of Docker and the support of the Language Server Protocol during the talk from Bogdan Gheorghe.

My other favorite talks on other cool stuff are the following:

  • The next generation Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework
  • MDE/MDD: A 10 year journey of Medical Device Development together with Eclipse and Modelling

In case you weren’t aware, this year EclipseCon NA is being replaced by Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US. Eclipse Converge is a one day conference, with in-depth tutorials and talks about Eclipse technologies. It’s going to be a great opportunity to get the latest updates and engage with other Eclipse community members.

I’m looking forward to seeing you! Don’t forget to Register now.


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