About the Program Committee

We are proud to say that the sessions and keynotes for Eclipse Converge are chosen by an independent program committee made up of volunteers from the Eclipse community.

To contact the program committee, send us email.


Mikaël Barbero (program chair) is a passionate software engineer. After having led and contributed to many Eclipse projects (especially in the modeling area), he is now developing cool new stuff and fixing annoying old bugs in the Eclipse Platform. He also helps take care of the released bits of the Eclipse Foundation. A hacker at heart, Mikael likes to untangle everyday things to reveal their design layers. It lets him understand how things are built and what makes them beautiful. To him, good design is not only attractive, but also targeted for a purpose.
Twitter: @mikbarbero

Alexandra Schladebeckhas a background in languages and linguistics, and spends her time communicating with customers, users, testers, developers and the outside world. She is the head of Test Consulting at BREDEX GmbH and is also Product Owner for Jubula, the open source test tool. Within both roles, she's responsible for making sure that customer's needs are satisfied, be it in terms of quality assurance services for their projects or features for implementation. You'll usually find Alex talking about quality and how it affects the whole development process. She's also a frequent speaker at conferences where she likes to share her project experiences and learn from other practitioners.

Maximilian Koegel is deeply involved with the Eclipse community. He is a project lead (EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, Edapt) and a committer on several projects, and serves on the Eclipse Architecture Council. Maximilian is general manager of EclipseSource Munich, where he is focused on pragmatic modeling and web applications. He has a strong research background, with a PhD on the topic of model versioning, and teaches Eclipse and open-source technology to university students.
Twitter: @MKoegel

Brian de Alwis is an independent consultant and entrepreneur with a strong research background in software engineering and human-computer interaction. He serves as a committer on the Eclipse Platform project. Twitter: @delaweeza

Noopur Gupta works as a software engineer at IBM India and is an Eclipse enthusiast. She is currently the co-lead of the Eclipse JDT UI project and has been a committer on the project for about four years. Prior to that, she was associated with Eclipse during her work at SAP Labs India. She received her bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Engineering in 2010. Noopur has been an evangelist of Eclipse technologies and is a frequent speaker at several Eclipse events.
Twitter: @noopur2507

Gorkem Ercan is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. Gorkem has experience with working with a diverse range of technologies ranging from enterprise applications to building actual mobile phones. He enjoys using various technologies during the day and works with Java, JavaScript and C/C++ code on numerous platforms and runtimes. He is the project lead for Eclipse Thym and Eclipse JDT LS projects.
Twitter: @GorkemErcan

Stévan Le Meur is product manager at Codenvy, working on Eclipse Che project. He is focused on cloud and web technologies, passionated about user interface and usability aspects. With a background as a developer, he is driven by the belief that great applications could be built only in exceptional development environments. He brings this passion to his work on Eclipse Che where his attention to detail is put to good use.
Twitter: @stevanLM

Marcel Bruch is project lead of the Eclipse Code Recommenders project, CEO and founder of Codetrails (the company behind Eclipse Code Recommenders), and serves on the Eclipse Architecture Council. He aims to support software developers efficiently in their daily work with the aid of Big (Software Development) Data, and by making IDEs and development processes smarter than they are today.
Twitter: @MarcelBruch

Sergey Prigogin is part of Google's Eclipse team. He is CDT and Platform UI committer and co-leads Platform Resources. His primary areas of interest are C++ parsing, indexing, refactoring and making Eclipse faster and more responsive. He is also interested in growing the number of Platform committers and contributors and making contributing to the Eclipse Platform projects as frictionless as possible.

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