Eclipse Converge is a one-day summit for the Eclipse community, focused on Eclipse technology. It also serves as a lead-in to Devoxx US, which starts the next day in the same location.

Aligning Eclipse Converge with Devoxx US ensures that Eclipse technologies – and the leaders of the Eclipse community – are showcased at one of the major developer conferences of 2017. Eclipse content will be included in the Devoxx US program, and key members of the community are serving on the Devoxx US program committee.

In addition to the Eclipse-focused program, Eclipse Converge will include social gatherings and sponsorship opportunities.

If IoT is your main focus, you may want to consider an alternative event at the same venue on Monday, March 20: the Eclipse IoT Day.

Please note: Online registration is no longer available. You may still register on site at the conference Registration desk at the prices listed below.

Registration Options

We are pleased to offer a discounted price of $1150 for those attending both Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US. (The total if priced separately would be $1270.)

Registration Type Price
Eclipse Converge + Devoxx US (March 20 - 23) $1150
Eclipse Converge (March 20) $275
Eclipse Converge Speaker / Devoxx US Speaker Free *

* Not all speakers receive discounts; for more information, see the Speaker FAQs page


  • Speakers at Eclipse Converge receive a free pass for both Converge and Devoxx
  • Speakers at Devoxx US receive a free pass for both Devoxx US and Converge
  • Discounts are implemented with coupon codes sent via email
  • If you are expecting a discount, please do not register until you know your status
  • To ask about a press pass, please send email

Registration Policies

For more information about payment, registration changes, cancellations, etc., please see our Terms and Conditions page.


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