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A Full Service Scientific Software App Store for Eclipse

Scientific software lacks much of the prim and polish of other types of software - it can be hard to use or find, it might only be distributed as C and Fortran source, and it probably doesn't run on Windows. In addition to being extremely annoying, the reality of this situation severly undermines productivity and scientific progress. What would things be like if installing linear algebra libraries was as simple as installing mobile apps?

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Eclipse Kura in Industry 4.0

In Industry 4.0, different types of isolated and optimized sensors, machines, and instruments of varying vintage will emerge as a fully integrated, automated, and optimized production flow, leading to greater efficiencies and changing traditional production relationships among suppliers, producers, and customers. In the IoT context, Eclipse Kura is a Java/OSGi application container framework that enables remote management of IoT service gateways and provides a wide range of APIs that simplify the development of IoT applications.

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How to provide a portable developer workspace with Eclipse Che?

Developers are facing big changes in the way they are working since the raise of Docker. It’s terribly trendy and popular. Containers are heavily used to build, ship and run softwares.But what are the biggest impacts and values for the Developers?

Developers can benefit from portable developer environments leveraging the Docker containers technologies. It’s the main purpose of Eclipse Che. During this session we will discuss the various changes containers have provided to the developers, why dockerizing your projects and what are the best tactics to achieve that with Eclipse Che?

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Eclipse of the Floating Orbs: Controlling Robots on the International Space Station

I will describe the Control Station for a free-flying robot called Astrobee.  Astrobee will serve as a mobile camera, sensor platform, and research testbed when it is launched to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2017.  Astronauts on the ISS as well as ground-based users will control Astrobee using the Eclipse-based Astrobee Control Station.  Designing the Control Station for use in space presented unique challenges, such as allowing the intuitive input of 3D information without a mouse or trackpad.  Come to this talk to learn how Eclipse is used in an environment few humans have the

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