A sneak peek into the Spring Boot language server

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Based in the language server protocol and the architectural ideas behind it, big chunks of the Spring Boot tooling for Eclipse are currently re-implemented. This talk provides a sneak peek into the implementation and discusses the early experiences using this approach. We dive into the details and challenges how we implemented tooling for Spring Boot property files (pure properties + yaml), support for Cloud Foundry manifest files, and how we extracted and refactored existing Spring IDE code to run inside of a language server. In addition to that we will give a brief overview of how we integrated this tooling back into Eclipse (using the generic editor and the lsp4e project).

On top of that we will dive into the details of implementing additional Spring Boot support for Java files (like additional navigations and content-assist for specific annotations) and how we integrated that with existing Java tooling in Visual Studio Code and Eclipse.

For all the various pieces, we will discuss design decisions (like reusing JDT vs. using a standalone library to parse Java code and/or libraries).

During the talk, we will give biref demos of the tooling in action inside of the Eclipse IDE as well as Visual Studio Code.

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Monday, March 20, 2017 - 15:45 to 16:20


thank you for your proposal. I wonder where you will put the focus in your presentation? On the implementation of your LSP or on the features or experience report / case study? Can you please revise your abstract and provide more details?


Thank you,

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Hey Marcel, thanks for the feedback and the chance to improve the abstract, much appreciated. I re-worked the abstract quite a bit and provided more details what the talk will be about. It will focus on our experiences implementing a language server and integrating that back into Visual Studio Code and Eclipse. Live demos of the tooling will just be used as illustration for that, since the purpose is NOT to promote Spring tooling, but to discuss why and how we use the LSP approach and share our experiences with that with other tool smiths.

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